Dedicated Dispatch Services

An important aspect to consider in businesses producing consumer goods is how goods leave their point of origin to the final consumer. With real insight into business needs, we provide a solution for moving goods from business to customers using a network of dedicated vehicles for delivery.

Our fleet consists of motorcycles, trucks and vans maintained by us and manned by professional drivers trained for this purpose. Our service is flexible, quick, cost-effective and efficient. Under this umbrella, we provide;

Dispatch bikes:

We maintain a fleet of over 20 dispatch motorcycles and experienced riders to help business owners surmount delivery problems such as untimeliness, unprofessionalism and distance. Our motorcycles are available on-demand and our riders are trained to treat packages and customers with extreme care. We ensure prompt delivery and expert treatment of packages.

Dispatch Vans and Trucks:

Our fleet also consists of vehicles for heavy-duty haulage as an extension of business supply logistics. We have well-maintained vans and trucks and experienced drivers available for moving large items and fast-moving consumer goods in large quantities to designated locations.

  • Well maintained trucks and vans.
  • Well maintained bikes.
  • Professional trained and licensed drivers(riders).
  • Flexible, quick, cost-effective and efficient.

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